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The Mélange Collection

The Mélange Collection

SKU: 4683019045961

A medley of candle fragrances that weave enchanting tales with every flicker of the flame.  With twin flames, each fragrance represents a different story, taking you on a captivating journey of imagination and emotion.  Each candle, like a time capsule, brings back precious moments while creating new ones in the present.  Light them up and let the stories unfold!


AMPHITRITE - Nereid Goddess of the Sea.  Wife of the Ocean King Poseidon.  Her signature scent captures an ozonic freshness. Crisp linen, hints of powder lending airiness and moss for green depth complemnt the sea salt core of this fragrance.


CLEOPATRA - Alluring. Captivating. Queen of Egypt.  Political intellect, Femme Fatale.  This beautiful scent has dark rose, sultry peppercorn, warm vanilla and a fruity plum essense.  A truly exotic fragrance fit for a queen!


COZY - Smooth. Warm. Seductive.  A rich gourmand vanilla cream infused with a splash of strong Kentucky Bourbon.  Let its richness envelop you and indulge in its captivating embrace.


GYPSY - Fiercely indepent. Free-sprited. Dances to the beat of her own drum.  Mystery surrounds this provcative and sexy soul.  The earthy notes of carrot, sweet and dry pimento berries and flowery, fruity Tahitian Vanilla captures the wanderlust of the gypsy soul.


PARCHMENT - "The place of the cure of the soul."  Ancient scrolls and leather codexes in vast halls holding keys to the past.  Knowledge abound.  The essence of papery and leather binding with a sweet, dark plum note. 


TUTANKHAMEN - Boy Pharaoh of Egypt.  Restorer of Egypt.  Exalted ruler of Egypt.  This famous Egyptian Pharaoh's signature scent is woody and masculine with notes of amaretto and powder as it gives way to a heart of tonka and balsam. Rum, musk and sweet, resinous oud are the underlying notes of the intriguing fragrance.





  • **BCMC/Candle Delirium Contest Winning Candles**

    Black Candle Makers Club (BCMC) and the largest candle store in the world in West Hollywood, Candle Delirium, held a contest for the BCMC attendees where the winner(s) would have their entries (6 Candles) showcased in Candle Delirium!  Pharos Melange Collection won! Still over the moon about it!  One candle in particular, GYPSY was a fave for the judges! Try GYPSY for yourself and see if you agree!

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