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Get ready to set sail on a Viking journey with our VIKING candle, inspired by the legendary journeys of the Norse seafarers. Whether you're a history buff or simply crave a unique scent, let the salty oceanic accords transport you to the mysterious waters of the Black Sea, while the dark musk and sandalwood create a balanced, airy scent that will fill your space with a sense of adventure. Geographically bridging modern-day Europe and Asia, the Black Sea was the end of the known world to ancient civilizations.  Today, its dark waters are rumored to hide the lost city of Atlantis, making this candle a perfect way to bring history and mystery into your space. Embrace the spirit of the Viking journey and fill your space with this alluring fragrance.

  • 11-ounce

    11-ounce coconut soy wax candle in a black matte vessel.

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